Drivability and capacity based on field survey

Over 18 piles of different type will be installed, using several installation methods, see Table 2. We will measure the pile behaviour of each pile during installation. We ask the participants to predict this behaviour in advance.

Table 2 Overview of test piles and their properties

Pile type dimension




installation number of piles
Steel tubular 1220 30 impact driving 3
Steel tubular 1220 30 vibro-driving 3
Steel tubular 610 18 impact driving 3
Steel tubular 610 18 vibro-driving 3
Steel tubular 610 18 jet gun 3
Concrete prefabricated 450×450 18 impact driving 3

More specific we ask to predict:

  • driving stresses and depth of refusal for the vibration driven piles
  • driving stresses and blow count as a function of depth for the impact driven piles.
  • Axial bearing capacity of the piles

You are free to make a prognosis of driving behaviour or capacity of both. We will provide soil investigation data, pile specifications and hammer specifications.

The data will be available at June 15 2022, the predictions must be sent before July 15 2022. The results will be presented at the Demonstration, Testing & Prediction Day. The results will be published anonymously.

We invite you to participate in this project. Please contact us by e-mail to sw2022@kivi.nl

Appendix shows more information on the piles.