Pile integrity test event

At Monday 19 September, the day before the Stress Wave Conference starts, there is a unique possibility to evaluate your pile integrity test equipment. In total eight prefab piles (with different lengths) and eight CFA piles (some with defects) has been installed. For more information, please download the description here.

We have installed eight prefabricated piles with lengths between 5 m and 20 m. These are used to determine the precision of the method. The results will be used for a precision statement and will be published anonymously.

We have installed eight CFA piles with defects created by erroneous execution, such as loss of concrete height during concrete pouring or wrong speed during pulling the casing. The results will be used for an anonymous comparison of the findings. Four piles have a tube installed in the shaft that can be used to lower special equipment.

This is a unique opportunity to bring science forward and evaluate your own skills in practical cases. These measurements are foreseen at Monday 19 September. If you want to participate or need more information, please contact p.holscher@deltares.nl, with cc. SW2022@kivi.nl



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