Appart from the keynote speakers the following sessions will be presented.

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Offshore and renewables

Session lead Ken Gavin (TUDelft) / Sylvie Raymackers (DEME)

Tuesday 20th September 2022 time 13:00 – 14:30 & 16:30 – 18:00 (Parallel sessions with Load Testing)

Presented papers:

Numerical FE-based approach to identify the axial bearing capacity of piles.   Presented by : E. Heins
Investigating vibro-driven monopile installation into sand in a geotechnical centrifuge.   Presented by : J. Mazutti
Pile Installation Optimisation in Calcareous Clays.   Presented by : Z. Delimi
Numerical simulation of the vibratory and impact installation of monopiles in saturated sand.   Presented by : H. Eiesland
Designing PULSE and BLUE blow generators for experimental research in the geotechnical centrifuge.   Presented by : T. Quinten
Impact and vibratory driven pipe piles: the difference in soil stresses and bearing capacities due to the installation method.   Presented by : J. Fischer
An assessment of pile driveability analyses for monopile foundations.   Presented by : Y. Kourelis
Drivability aspects of tubular piles in chalk.   Presented by : R. Brouwer
Vibro driving testing in confined space for offshore wind farm application.   Presented by : A. Ta
Finite element simulation of high-strain dynamic testing of open-toe, steel pipe piles for estimation of geotechnical axial resistance.   Presented by : Carvajal/Tara
Modelling and simulation of vibratory driven sheet piles – development of a stop criterion.   Presented by : Andersson
Offshore Installation of Piles in Egypt – Presented by : A. El-kadi

Download Abstracts of offshore and renewables here.



Load testing

Session lead Maarten Profittlich (Fugro) / Rodrigo Salgado

Tuesday 20th September 2022 time 13:00 – 14:30 & 16:30 – 18:00 (Parallel sessions with Offshore and renewables)

Presented papers:

In-situ vertical load test of piled raft foundation and corresponding simulation using 3D finite element analysis.   Presented by : H. Numoto
Evaluation of Vertical Bearing Capacity for H section Steel Pile with Soil cement Ground Improvement.   Presented by : S. Koga
The Increase in Pile Capacity with Time for Heavily Overconsolidated Clays.   Presented by : B. Stevens
Static Axial Reciprocal Load Test of Soil-Cement Mixing Pile Applying as Permanent Pile.   Presented by : K. Watanabe
Data processing of fibre-optic strain gauge data for axial pile load testing.   Presented by : M. Dekker
Calibration Test Results of Rapid Load Test on Bored Piles Embedded in Sedimentary Rock Formation in Singapore.   Presented by : Oh
A Review of International Standards’ Guidance on High-Strain Dynamic Testing and Signal Matching of Pile Stress Wave Data.   Presented by : D. Tara
Static and Dynamic Load Tests of Driven Precast Piles.   Presented by : C. Fernández Tadeo
Hollow precast driven pile extended by a micropile: dynamic load tests and modelling.   Presented by : Rafael Gil LaBlanca
An Improved Efficiency of Free Fall Hammer in High Strain Dynamic Load Test.   Presented by : Z. Eng
Load-transfer curves from field data to engineering values.   Presented by : R. van der Salm
Rapid Load Testing on piles instrumented with glass fibre optics in Rotterdam.   Presented by : R. van Dorp
Validated Signal Matching.   Presented by : N. Moscoso
Evaluation of penetration resistance and bearing capacity of a small-diameter spiral pile by similitude model tests using seepage force.   Presented by : K. Yoshida
Understanding the Trends behind Load-Displacement Results from Rapid Load Tests.   Presented by : Chew
Finite element simulation of the high-strain dynamic test and the static load test performed on the test pile of the George Massey Tunnel Replacement project.   Presented by : Carvajal / Tara

Download Abstracts of load testing here.



Quality assurance

Session lead Paul Holscher (Deltares) / Cihan Cengiz (Deltares)

Wednesday 21th September 2022 time 11:15 – 12:45

Presented papers:

Validity of Dynamic Load Test (DLT) on H-piles.   Presented by : T. Nguyen
Advantages in Using Thermal Integrity Profiling Stress Wave Paper 2022.   Presented by : G. Piscsalko
Improved interpretation of high strain dynamic test results using high frequency displacement monitoring of closed ended piles.   Presented by : R. Damen
Case study of three bidirectional static load tests for bored piles at Sabana Costa Rica.   Presented by : Millan / Coto
Validity of the Beta Method to determine pile damage.   Presented by : G. Verbeek
Integrity of Bored Piles Under Tension. Presented by : O. İnanir
Case Study of Using Static and Dynamic Pile Load Tests as Quality Assurance of Existing Piles for SRT Red Line Project, Thailand. Presented by : P. Kitiyodom

Download Abstracts of quality assurance here.



Wave mechanics applications

Session lead Andrei Metrikine / Evangelos Kementzetdis

Wednesday 21th September 2022 time 15:00 – 16:30

Presented papers:

A case study of using VCPTu for drivability analysis of vibratory pile driving.   Presented by : M. Fetrati
Enhanced Stress Wave Analysis of Scaled Monopiles in Glacial Till at Cowden.   Presented by : S. Martin
IMPACT: cloud-based software for stress-wave and drivability analysis of driven piles.   Presented by : J. Doherty
The use of pile velocity in verification of untested piles – a sensitivity study.   Presented by : Denes
Probability theory applied to pile driveability predictions based on the wave equation.   Presented by : J. Sinke
A novel anvil modelling approach for pile driveability prediction, validated with PDA measurements.   Presented by : J. Ligthart
Post Driveability Study for Caesar’s Rhine Bridge 55 B.C. Presented by : P. Middendorp
What happens in the soil during pile driving? – G. de Josselin de Jong   Presented by : G. Verbeek
The rebirth of traditional SIT interpretation methods to incorporate engineering judgement in present day data analysis   Presented by : M. van Delft

Download Abstracts of wave mechanics applications here.



Soil-structure interaction

Session lead Monica Prezzi/Barry Lehane

Thursday 22th September 2022 time 11:15 – 12:45 & 14:30 – 16:00 (Parallel sessions with Case Studies)

Presented papers:

Evaluation of monopile embedment using frequency, damping and modal shape analysis.   Presented by : M. Maron
Experimental and numerical study on behaviour of three types of model pile foundations subjected to vertical and horizontal loading.   Presented by : Xiong
Flaw detection threshold of thermal integrity testing.   Presented by : Amir
T-BAGS seismic base isolation system for earthquake energy dissipation.   Presented by : A. Vakilazadsarabi
Residual stress measurement of driven precast piles using distributed fibre optic sensors.   Presented by : K. Duffy
Environmental vibrations due to installation at high frequency.   Presented by : P. Hölscher
Laboratory study on vertical and horizontal resistance of the pile installed by various displacement pile installation methods.   Presented by : S. Moriyasu
Independent assessment of toe and skin capacities in near real-time using top and toe instrumentation.   Presented by : P. Arumughan
Friction fatigue in soft rock and soft, non-cohesive soils: a physical model for the role of abrasive wear in skin friction reduction.   Presented by : J. van Wijk
RLT on prefab concrete piles of wind turbine foundations in tidal sands in the Netherlands .   Presented by : F. van Dijck
PDA measurements, fact or fiction.   Presented by : Orlando
Numerical modelling of vibropiling at the test site Altenwalde.   Presented by : T. Pein
Development of jet-gun and fluidization enhanced pile installation tools.   Presented by : B. Arntz
Parametric numerical study on deformation of the Tender Net Foundation subjected to vertical loading.   Presented by : Vo Cong
A proposed model for ground vibration induced by a statnamic test.   Presented by : Z. Eng
Influence of grout injection parameters on shaft bearing capacity of screw displacement piles.   Presented by : P. IJnsen/Admiraal
Alternative facts in pile testing .   Presented by : G. Verbeek
An alternative CPT averaging procedure to estimate pile base capacity.   Presented by : M. Boorder
Soil resistance of steel pipe piles during vibratory hammer installation. Presented by : Shinji Nishimura

Download Abstracts of soil-structure interaction here.




Case studies

Session lead Rodriaan Spruit and Sam Paikowsky

Thursday 22th September 2022 time 11:15 – 12:45 & 14:30 – 16:00 (Parallel sessions with Soil-Structure Interaction)

Presented papers:

Influence of displacement piles on surrounding soil and nearby piles: a case study.   Presented by : H. Tuenter
Ultimate bearing capacity of MV piles derived from load tests, a suggested new design approach.   Presented by : R. Spruit
Quantitatively assessing the geometry and base conditions of drilled shaft excavations.   Presented by : B. White
Steel piles driven with Follower in Glacial Till and Chalk.   Presented by : A. Crochelet
Effect of preloading on soil setup effects of a soft clay through pile static and dynamic load tests.   Presented by : Behroozian
Pile dynamic versus static load tests in fine-grained deposits of Southwest Iran with special attention on soil setup effects.   Presented by : Fakharian
Lateral load testing and 3D stress measurements in a pile foundation.   Presented by : A. Lemnitzer
Measuring Time Dependent Stress-Changes around a Driven Pipe Pile in Medium Dense Sand .   Presented by : M. Kidane
BAM Screw Piles 2.0: Validating Design for ‘De Drie Hoefijzers’ by Rapid Load testing.   Presented by : J. Bakker
Case Study Bi-directional Loadtest Paris Bassin Austerlitz.   Presented by : M. Profittlich
Comparison of predicted and measured pile driving processes at steel pipe piles in North and Baltic Sea.   Presented by : Kortsch
Dynamic load test and rapid load test on two large diameter steel pipe piles with double crossed steel ribs inside the pile bottom section.   Presented by : S. Lin
Comparison of static load test and rapid load test on steel pipe piles in two sites.   Presented by : S. Kamei
Behavior analysis of post grouted micropiles in clay soils from tension load test results..   Presented by : M. Challapa
Pile Installation Effect on Mobilized Side Shear Resistance in Fraser River Deposits.   Presented by : T. Dajani

Download Abstracts of case studies here.





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