Preparing for
pile testing

Demonstration,Testing & Prediction Event


The Demonstration, Testing & Prediction Event which is part of the 11th International Conference on Stress Wave Theory and Design and Testing Methods for Deep Foundations was held on the Maasvlakte in the Port of Rotterdam. On this day the connection between the theory as presented and discussed on previous conference days and practice of Pile Installation and Pile Testing in the field is made. A wide variety of piles have been installed on the Demonstration, Testing & Prediction Event site for the following purposes:


  • Demonstration of various installation technologies and methodologies for tubular piles (impact pile driving, vibratory pile driving, etc.) and their impact on pile bearing capacity, installation time and the environment (airborne noise, underwater noise, soil vibrations, emissions, etc.);
  • Demonstration of new and innovative testing methods for bearing capacity of tubular piles;
  • Demonstration of new and innovative pile integrity test methods for precast and cast in situ concrete piles.


Prediction and Interpretation:

  • Pile Drivability Prediction competition: Who can predict the pile driving parameters like driving time, blow count pile stresses and resistance based on
    installation method and soil data?
  • Pile Bearing Capacity Prediction: Who can predict pile bearing capacity based on soil data and next on test data.
  • Pile Integrity Testing Interpretation: Who can find the defects in Precast and Cast in Situ piles on the bases of Pile Integrity Test results and Soil Data.







The Demonstration, Testing & Prediction Event is in collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam.