Capacity based on field test data

Most of the piles mentioned in Table 2 will be tested by SLT. Some of them will be tested with friction and toe resistance during SLT. We will measure load-deflection curves for both vertical and horizontal loading. We ask you to make a prediction of the load deflection curves and the ultimate capacity.

There are three options to make predictions on capacity:

  • based on driving records of the piles,
  • based on Dynamic Load Tests
  • Based on Rapid Load Tests:

You have to choose one of these three options. It is not possible to choose more than one option.

The available data are the results of the field survey before pile driving (identical to the information for drivability predictions), additional data on the hammer (as used) and the relevant data based on your choice.

The driving records will be available August 15, results of your contribution should be sent before August 29.

The measurement data Rapid and Dynamic Load Tests will be available September 5th, results your contribution must be available September 19th. We will present them at the Demonstration, Testing & Prediction Event orally and anonymously. Later-on we will publish the results in a Journal.

We invite you to participate in this project. Please contact us by e-mail to

Appendix shows more information on the piles.