Information on the piles

Details on the piles
With reservation for final decisions

1220 mm steel piles
total 3 piles to be determined
length 30 m
installation methods to be determined

610 mm steel piles
total 10 piles
length 18 m
installation methods: vibro driving, impact driving, jet gun

450 mm concrete piles
4 prefabricated concrete piles, 45 cm2, length 18 m
all impact driven

Piles for pile integrity testing
10 cast in situ piles D = 450 mm, length = 12 m
6 prefabricated concrete piles with octagon cross section, length = 10 m (softly impact driven in predrilled hole)
4 prefabricated concrete piles, 45*45 cm2, length 12 (impact driven)